Volunteer positions include, but are not limited to the following:

Dentists: We are looking for licensed general and specialized dentists, including pediatrics, endodontists and oral surgery. The dental services being provided include, but are not limited to

  • General: Perform amalgam or composite resin fillings on patients who have already been numbed. Option to provide limited oral surgery if willing and able if you deem a tooth is not restorable.
  • Prosthodontics: Dentists will take impressions and write up prescriptions for temporary partials and do placement of same.
  • Pediatric dentist: All children will be evaluated on an individual basis and will be seen based on the resources available.
  • Anesthetic: Deliver local anesthetic to patients prior to them being seen in either the restorative or endo department.
  • Dentist – Patient Exit: Dentists working in the patient exit area will not be providing any direct care. Rather, they will answer any questions patients may have about the treatment they received or about aftercare.

Hygienists: We need licensed hygienists to help provide the following dental services that include, but are not limited to

    • Dental hygienist: Perform cleanings with or without a cavitron. Positions also available for pediatric section.

Assistants: We need assistants and expanded duties assistants to help provide the following dental services that include, but are not limited to

    • Assist dentists in restorative, oral surgery, pediatrics, adult pediatrics, or prosthodontic department. All assistants working as an assistant at the event should sign up for this shift regardless of which department you will be assisting in. Once onsite you will be paired with your employer dentist (or other dentist who has requested you). If he/she is not volunteering you will be paired with an available dentist. Assistants who work in a pediatrics or oral surgery practice will be given priority for open slots in those departments.

Other: Other dental volunteer slots that we need filled include, but are not limited to the following

    • Sterilization: Perform all steps for proper sterilization of MOM provided instruments and personal instruments used in the clinic by dentists and hygienists.
    • X-Ray technician: Dental team members with appropriate trainin, licenseg and experience needed to take or assist with taking panoramic and intraoral x-rays.
    • Lab technician: Dental lab technicians with appropriate training and experience needed to fabricate, construct and make or repair oral prosthetics, including treatment partials.
    • Central supply: Assist other volunteers in finding supplies they are looking for.  Should have a fairly comprehensive understanding of dental supplies and dental terminology related to dental supplies/equipment.
    • Hygiene support: Help turn over chairs in the hygiene department by wiping down, running instruments to sterilization and gathering supplies as needed. No experience necessary. Must have had your heptavax shots.
    • Radiology: Must be trained and licensed in panoramic or intraoral x-rays. Take or assist in taking panoramic or intraoral x-rays, or run the required computer software to print the x-rays.
    • Dental equip tech: Start-up equipment and perform maintenance as needed on units: air, suction, water, handpieces and cavitrons.

Medical: Medical personnel are also needed to assist in the IndianaMoM event. Volunteer positions include, but are not limited to, the following

    • Pharmacist/pharmacy tech: This includes pharmacy techs and students. Pharmacy volunteers needed who properly credentialed/qualified to assist with distributing pre-medication, antibiotics and low-level pain medications, as prescribed. Oversight of prescription intake, processing of prescriptions, prescription filling and patient counseling. Students will be supervised.
    • Medical triage (physician, nurse, nurse’s aide, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, medical student, nursing student): Medical team volunteers are needed who are properly credentialed/qualified to take patient’s health history and blood pressure reading and to assist and monitor patients in the patient recovery area.
    • Emergency medical tech: EMT needed during treatment hours in case of medical emergency.

Non-dental: We need many volunteers who can help us with non-dental volunteer services, including, but not limited to

  • Setup (Thursday): Help unload supply trucks at site and set up clinic areas with portable dental equipment as directed by leadership team/personnel. Set up tables and chairs, lay out electric cords and air compressor hoses, put up signs. Must be able to carry heavy boxes and help move equipment around the site.
  • Patient Education: Provide basic oral health care education to patients while they wait to receive care.
  • Crowd Control: Assist in keeping the patient line and waiting areas under control.
  • Sanitary engineer: Empty trash bins, sweep, mop and perform other general odd jobs as needed. No experience necessary.
  • Registration: This includes patient and/or volunteer registration; greet and check in volunteers, hand out badges and t-shirts, process on-site registration and direct volunteers to orientation.
  • Patient greeters: Welcome patients, provide name tags and patient numbers; assist with a variety of duties, ranging from crowd control (inside and outside), welcoming patients into the registration area, placing wristbands and stick-on-badges on patients, handing out registration forms, helping patients fill out forms, facilitating patient flow up to the patient registration table, directing registered patients onto the patient waiting area and monitoring patient waiting room.
  • Patient ambassador: Escort patients between various department ensuring that no patient is left on their own at any time, run other onsite errands as needed by department leads or other volunteers. Must be able to stand and walk for extended periods of time.
  • Translator/interpreter: Translate between patients and volunteers in all departments to ensure patient has an understanding of what is being done; assist communication between patients and clinic personnel. Must be able to stand and walk for extended periods of time.
  • Patient exit area:Collect registration forms from patients who have completed their treatment; provide gauze packs and instructions to those who have had extractions; make sure that treatment received and the treatment provider are accurately documented on patient’s registration form; assist patients who wish to make a written comment about the clinic; assist patients in locating their family/friends in the waiting area, if needed; return completed registration forms to data entry area; distribute patient goodie bags and assist patients in completing an exit survey.
  • Waiting area coordinator: Check in patients as they come into the department waiting area after they have been triaged and then moving them into the department by number to ensure a first come, first serve order.
  • Hospitality: Serve, restock and clean-up food and beverage service for patients and volunteers during clinic hours.
  • Data entry and filing: Using scanners and computers, enter all patient records into database, track the patient care that has been provided and file completed patient registration forms alphabetically. Requires ability to operate computer and sit for extended periods of time. Volunteers in this area also will be responsible for record filing.
  • Dental equipment service tech: Experienced dental equipment technicians needed to set up equipment and volunteer during the clinic to trouble shoot any issues.
  • Waste management: General volunteers needed to periodically empty waste collection bottles, collect trash and biohazard waste from inside and outside of the clinic facility and treatment areas and dispose according to standard safety procedures as directed by clinic personnel. Must be able to wear latex or non-latex gloves and stand and walk for extended periods of time.
  • Parking: General volunteers needed to assist in maintaining orderly flow of vehicles in parking lots and directing patients to clinic entrance or outside waiting areas, if necessary. Must be able to stand for extended periods and work outside in variable weather conditions. Must provide own clothing (coat, raincoat, umbrella, hat) in the event of inclement weather.
  • Runner: Runners take supplies to treatment stations, clean/wipe down chairs between patients, empty trash at treatment stations, take water to dentists and help dentists/clinic personnel with small errands as requested. Both general volunteers and those with previous dental office experience needed.